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What Can You Do After Your Internship?
--- And You Will Have Us Assist You Along The Way

Maybe a permanent relocation: at a further level, in recent years, with the relaxation of China’s visa and green card policies, the number of foreigners moving to China has increased significantly, which means more and more foreigners choose to settle down in China. Based on the multi-level demands of foreign talents in China and focusing on the real demands behind migration, we strive to create a closed loop of services for people coming to China, including arrival, settlement, tax affairs, children’s education, house purchasing, immigration etc., that is, to provide a truly all-round solution.

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Seeking employment with our assistance: We not only provide an exchange platform for young professionals who have already participated in our internship programs, but have also become an important recruiting partner for enterprises across various industries.   While senior positions that are always highly competitive are still rare in headcount, entry to middle level recruiting has become a key strategy for HRs. Customized trainings on working & communication skills, culture awareness, career development, and expatriate employment regulations are conducted by senior HR professionals.

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Obtain Entrepreneur Visa for a start-up or entrepreneurial project: In China, young people are encouraged to start businesses and foreign entrepreneurs are allowed to do several jobs simultaneously. We have international interns from different countries each year and we carry out a series of cross-culture activities and professional seminars for alumni to facilitate communication, experience sharing and to foster a business start-up mechanism. You will have opportunity to get acquainted with more entrepreneurs and professionals with business & creative ideals.

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Take stock of what you learned, continue to expand your culture perspective and business networkWe will host various cultural activities as well as enrol you to major expatriate events every year. We encourage you to actively take part in them and gain valuable exchanges and viewpoints. As for corporate relations we have, we also utilise our industrial connections   to conduct seminars for our professional or alumni club. All these remain active for you, whether you return to your home country or have other plans, and you will receive updates, diagests, topics and connections from us.

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