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Professional Internship

Different from travel and site-visit based internships, professional internship directly involves students in a real industry and business setting. It's a proven way to gain relevant knowledge, skills, and experience while establishing important connections in the field. Employers value internship experience because they provide students with the skills and experience that they cannot acquire in a school setting. Professional internship is also a way to get your feet wet and find out if a specific field is something you could see yourself doing full-time.

Cross Border Internship cultivates talents with an international vision, a sense of culture awareness, adaptation and flexibility. The cross border internships marry the cultural experience of being overseas with the practical experience of working and developing desired skills in a global environment. In most cases, successful internship abroad experience means enhanced global network and culture intelligence. This stands you out as a growing number of employers are looking for candidates to have cross-cultural experience as a prerequisite for hiring.

The international internship can also provide valuable reference to study abroad. The real-life observation and industry experience help you choose the right major of study or research and also lay the foundation for the successful completion of study abroad.

Internship in China

China is the largest and one of the oldest civilization on earth with the fastest growing economy and has for decades brought to the world a unique social and economical phenomenon that continuously attracts attentions of business-people, professionals, researchers and academics.

There are a number of reasons you should choose to intern in China, although one maybe enough.

China encourages and facilitates both pre-employment and entrepreneurial internship as an effort to build an innovative country: China has been easing visa policies in order to attract foreign talent to enter the Chinese workforce or to have foreign students to come and remain in China. It is now easier than ever to intern, work and live in China.

Many foreign people are aware that a new generation of “Marco Polo” explorers are coming, they have sensed opportunities and decided to start businesses. Rather than just trading foreign goods to earn instant money like in the earlier days or copying things from home country, they now care more on establishing new business models, building own brands, sharing opportunities and allowing different ideas to be brainstormed in the ioT era in China. Internship is an excellent way of observing and surveying the market and potentials.

China continues to provide business and career opportunities; interning in China enhances your prospects: China has the world’s largest middle-class with an ever-increasing disposable income. For this reason every major international company is trying to gain a marketing share in China. No matter where you are, there is a good chance you might end up working in a company or a role that is somehow related to China; a solid first-hand understanding of the people and culture is invaluable for personal and organizational opportunities.

Also, there are ever growing number of Chinese companies looking to expand overseas and thus are eager to employ foreign talent. Doing an internship won’t guarantee you your dream job, but it will bring your dream job closer to you and you will learn a lot and hopefully have a whole lot of fun along the way.

International interns are usually able to expand higher level of professional network than locals are: This is probably because the internship position open to international interns is usually rare but more meaningful, strategic or irreplaceable. This could be specifically true to ethnic Chinese who maybe able to speak mandarin at their internship. Ethnic Chinese are not only special among overseas students coming to China, but also the most competitive groups in the future workplace.

Learn to speak the language and understand Chinese business culture means real chances of getting a front row seat to witness and experience the rising of China influence and to understand and embrace the 'Chinese wisdom' - the way developed through thousands of years China and its people undertand and interact with the world. This will ultimately benefit yourself.

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