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We connect you with industries, associations, economic development zone, business incubators and research institutes in China and this is our strength. Our solid relationship with Chinese business and industries makes us your reliable partner to help you launch your international internship program or study/research tour programs. In most cases, we can customize the program according to the requirements of your students or faculties. The positive and productive experience is guaranteed.   

What we can do:

  • Working with your faculty to supervise and to professionally administer the internship program or create a program tailored to the needs of both the faculty and students with the required meaningful learning tasks incorporated.

  • Working with your 'Career Office' to provide an immediate career-related solution to your graduating students; lift your university profile among industries, grow your alumni community and ultimately, make your course offerings more attractive to your prospective students.

  • Ensure that your students are prepared for their placements and hit the ground running by offering step by step pre-departure instructions and assistance and on-site orientations and supports on arrival and on an on-going base.

  • The logistical aspects and student pastoral concerns are dealt with professionally. After-services such as seeking articulating studies or full-time employment opportunities are followed up legally and professionally.

  • When required, offering culture activities and flexible Chinese language study options with accredited local bodies that can be combined formally or otherwise into the placement program.

Working with us and gaining access to our network of both international and local organizations in China will save your time and efforts in building your outbound programs.

Out of many such agencies, we are the one that you should consider. You can rely on our international expertise and local knowledge and networks to provide assistance, guidance and thorough support services throughout the program. We look forward to establishing relationships with you.

Please feel free tocontact us if you have questions about our programs, or are interested in building a partnership with Co-Aim International Human Capital ltd.

Please contact:

Mr. Roger, Operations Manager

Co-Aim International Human Capital

Phone/Whatsapp:   +86 13764519333

Email: roger.yao@co-aim.com.cn

Sending Partners

Co-Aim is dedicated to building strong and long-term working relationships with its providers and sending partners around the world. With your support we’re able to bring our professional services to your students who then benefit from utilizing our industry networks in China.   

We need agencies from both established and emerging markets to help us continue to be successful in reaching dedicated students and professionals who are interested in challenging themselves in China.

You are extremely important to Co-Aim and there are also good reasons to become a partner with us:

  • We have the most solid and extensive industry & company networks in China:

    Co-Aimis a professionalism-driven organization, with a commitment to providingunrivalled quality placement and support services. Our partnership with prestigiousorganizations and institutions in China has made us a reliable choice forprospective interns and students around the world.

  • Productive working relationship between you and Co-Aim:

    We make it a priority to have regular updates, sharing, ‘meet ups’ and trainingsessions with all our agents.

  • Count on us for delivering our promises and our superb service and supports:

    We are appreciative of the relationship that we have with you, so we offer our direct response to you, and best service to your students by supporting them both on-site and off-site. Your students are safe with us and they get quality placements and services.

If you’re interested in working with Co-Aim International, you can apply to become an agent, or contact us for more information.


More and more companies in China have started to realize the benefits of utilizingintern talents and have started recruiting international interns according totheir specific needs and business strategies. More Chinese companies are alsoadopting sophisticated internship recruitment schemes to better conduct theselecting, managing, training and evaluating of international interns.

We seethe following notable benefits of using international interns in a China basedorganization:

  • International talent solution at little or no cost: a direct and low-risk way ofmaintaining an international talent pool.

  • Taking advantage of the interns’ language skills to immediately improve the international presentation and competitiveness of your company.

  • Interns are energetic with a passion for potential opportunities and desire for a local culture, they will bring to the Chinese team international vitality and add significant productivity;

  • Gaining an international perspective and access to international market and clients information. Learning about foreign cultures and consumer behavior;

  • Enabling local staff to practice their foreign language with native speakers.

  • A valuable HR solution for a specific strategic stage during the company’s development.

To better service the needs for international interns of your company in china, as aprofessional recruitment and management company, we proudly announce and bring to you our Internship China program. You can expect our professional and efficient intern selection, enrollment and management service.

We will ensure that your expectations about the interns’ role in your organization are met and that desired skill set is brought to you. Also, we will make sure that the prospective intern is fully aware of your expectations about their role in your organization, and on knowing the details, is positive about and committed to the project.

The service is free and includes:

  • Selecting and enrolling interns based on your requirements in terms of nationality, mother language and second language, majored study and academic qualifications etc.

  • Providing a one-stop service to interns including but not limited to: visa application, insurance,accommodation, language & culture training. We can minimize your concernsabout potential issues concerning the management of interns.

  • Our bilingual staff can assist with your on-job training and to conduct all on-going administration and supervision of the interns.

Please visit our Host Company’s site for more information

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