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Internship Program Fees and Service Inclusions

Co-Aim International is probably the one of the most affordable internship China program provider amongst many of such organizations. And you will be assisted, mentored and serviced by coordinators that are either human resource professinoals or experienced study abroad advisors making our program well-structured, offering value far beyond what can be measured in money form. Your fee in many ways is justified through our care and whole-hearted services that will bring you many invisiable benefits some of which you may only sense out through comparision with others after your experience is complete.

We make sure you’ll have the best China internship experience when all your needs are taken care of and to ensure your comfort, safety, and well-being here in China. Once you enrol with us, you will have us as your advisor / friend whom you can contact and rely on for your other plans for China for the rest of your life.

Internship Program Enrollment Options

We have based on our experience provided three main types of programs that you can choose and enroll with. Please also scroll dowm and see the service inclusions for each option.

Only-Placement: If you already had China experience before or you believe you are equiped with language and life skills so don’t require as much support from us, this option is tailored for you. To ensure the best possible internship experience, after you are placed by us, we will still provide necessary services that you may need. Please sroll down and learn more.

Settled: If you believe you are able to source your own accommodation, handle the lease agreement and police registration etc, this option maybe considered by you. However, please do understand we are under the obligation to assist with your internship even beyond your working time, we need to make sure the location of your accommodation is in reasonable distance and transportation options are available.

All-Inclusive: Full service and a hassle-free option. Note there are different housing options and prices you can choose from.

Hospitality Internship: Hospitality Internship program has its different placement and managment scheme so the fee and service inclusion is also different.

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Internship Enrollment Options

- Service Inclusions -
Internship Provision
Visa Invitation and Guidance
Airport Pickup
Standard Insurance Coverage On-Site Internship Orientation Internship Reference Letter

Only-Placement Features
Monthly Events
Internship On-site/Off site Supports
Co-HR Admin & Mentoring
Post-Internship Options & Advice

Settled Features
Pre-Departure Advice
Airport Pickup & Seeing-Off
Welcome Meal & Day Tour
Housing & Assistance
Chinese Language Classes (4/week)
Hospitality Internship Program & Fee Information

Key Features of Hospitality Internship Placements:

Who Are The  Hosts
Are There Any Allowances?
What's The Duration?
What's The Fee and What Services Are Included?
Top tier standalone brands or international hotel brands owned or operated by a Chinese or a joint venture
All hospitality internships are paid with monthly stipends ranging anything from 500- 1000USD;
All placements are provided with housing and meals which in most cases are in-hotel or as per standard
1)  A 500USD application fee to secure a placement as for all other fields;
2)  A one-off placement fee 1000USD payable after the placement is confirmed;
3)  Included in the fee, the only-placement service features apply.
Hospitality internship duration is ideally 3 months or longer. Extensions can be arranged with no additional service fee (There is possibly visa extension fee)
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