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A One-Time Application to Start Your China Journey

A little nervous or excited?

You will find your internship in China is not a 'hit or miss' experience, but an exciting opportunity to show your talents, fulfill your goals and have your story told. You will have us all the way as your guider, mentor and friends even after your internship completes.

Your information is safe with us. Apart from the potential hosts to whom we will provide your information, we do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to any other parties your personal data. (Privacy Policy)

Once you have familiarized with our programs, procedures, fees,Terms and Conditions and you are ready to apply, you may also check if your school has an industrial cooperation program. If not, and you are willing to facilitate in setting it up, you will earn an internship position with our priority. If you are recommended by our alumni, please don't forget to provide referee information in application form or through email.

If you want to apply for specific position on offer, please proceed here.

Please proceed to the below form with a CV and cover letter on hand.

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Internship Enrollment Form

Internship Enrollment Form

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