The Immigration Service and So On

Rather than just an action, migration and relocation is a process during which the professional consultation, integrated services and culture adaption after arrival are all involved. We are here to provide China immigration services and anything after, helping you navigate and handle the process. Whether you are relocating to China permanently or just travelling for business, working for full time and require any visa information or any type of consultation and advice you may need, we will assist you along the way. Getting through the necessary steps efficiently, successfully and professionally is paramount to you and to us.

The Permanent Residence Application
- Case Analysis
- Risk Assessment
- Solution Provision
- Application Handling
The Settling Down
- Career Planning & Job Placement
- Arrival & Housing
- Visa & Residence Following-up
- Family Members
The Culture Adaption
- Cross Culture Coaching
- Social & Networking
- Emotion & Conflict Management
- Language Tutoring
The Education Planning
- Study Plan & Schooling for Children
- Internship & Social work for Children
- Community Engagement
The Financial & Tax Planning
- Personal Finance
- Tax Planning
- Insurance Planning
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