Housing Options

There are four most common accommodation options for expatriates to choose from:

Residential Apartment

Apartment living is good for the independently minded person who likes their own space and individual liberty. As the most seen residential options for Chinese people, there are usually 2 to 4 rooms in an apartment. In modern designed ones, there are usually two (or more) toilets / showers in a 2-3 roomed apartment. Newly developed apartments can be fairly spacious compared with the vast number of 5-6 floor, old style residential buildings that are only equipped with one restroom. Apartment that we provide is fully furnished with internet access. You might want to choose to have a private room or, even share a room with another person. Common facilities such as internet, living room, laundry machine and kitchen room are for shared use. All occupants share the utilities.

Serviced Apartment

If you can allocate a bit more money on living and your stay in China is not of long term, then serviced apartment option is undoubtedly the first and only one that offers better amenities. The serviced apartments are normally with several bedrooms and bathrooms branching off from downtown or regional center . You can have your private room or choose similar sharing options with that of a residential apartment, and you enjoy:

  1. More space: Since serviced apartments will generally have a separate living and dining area you’re not just confined to a small bedroom and you will be able to unwind someplace “homey” after a day of work. Everyone has their privacy/space but can still hang out together in the shared lounge room;

  2. A kitchen: A kitchen with a fridge and microwave can be great for either cooking or storing late night snacks and drinks and whipping up a quick breakfast. It’s also great if you have special dietary requirements; eat meals at a different time to the locals.

  3. Regular housekeeping service: In serviced apartments, housekeeping is generally conducted a couple times a week.

  4. DIY laundry: Serviced apartments comes with a in-room washer (and maybe a dryer), you can wash your clothes for free.

  5. It’s still like a hotel: Many serviced apartments still have all the trimmings you’ll find in a standard hotel building, such as a pool, gym, conference center, restaurants and concierge – so you don’t have to sacrifice any amenities.

University Dormitory

This option is only available to international students studying in a Chinese university and is mostly on-campus. Whilst international student dormitory is usually separated with that of Chinese ones, dormitory style living still offers an inside experience into the life of Chinese students and are a great way to break cultural boundaries and make life long friends.

The dormitory is limited in most sought-after universities so students need to bookf ast in advance. Typical university dormitory room includes single room and twin-shared types charging different rates. The room is equipped with bed, closet and desks. Students are sharing common facilities such as laundry, kitchen and shower rooms. In many university dormitories, internet services are available but students may be asked to pay for that by buying internet access cards and/or routers to be able to physically log on to the service.

Home Stay

Homestay allows you to enjoy the true experience of Chinese culture so its great for soemone who is interested in a more culturally immersive glimpse into the Chinese household and family life (and frequent home cooked meals), and an amazing chance to practice and learn Mandarin. You will be renting a room with a local family which is screened by our staff to ensure a friendly and safe environment and is close to convenient transportation lines!

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