Foreign University Graduates can Work Directly in SH

Issuing time:2017-07-10 09:29Author:Translated by OrterpretSource:Lujiazui Talent Port

In order to implement the Shanghai '30 new rules for talents' and enforce a more active, open and effective overseas talent introduction policy, human resource and social security bureau and city foreign expert’s affairs bureau have issued the notice of 'Relevant transacting working permit affairs for foreign university graduates to work in SH'.

According to the notice, the foreign university graduates who can work in Shanghai directly are divided into four categories:

First, the foreign students who obtain bachelor or above degree from colleges or universities in Shanghai area and is about to work in “free trade zone” and “independent innovation zone”.

Second, the excellent foreign students who have obtained the master or above degree in the university in China (non-shanghai area).

Third, the excellent foreign students who obtain the bachelor or above degree from the high-level university at home and abroad, and is about to work in district headquarter of transnational corporations, investment companies and foreign R & D centers.

Fourth, excellent foreign graduates who have obtained master or above degree from high-level university overseas and isabout to work in Shanghai. 

The foreign youth talents who under the age of 40 and doing post-doctoral research in high-level universities abroad or universities in China can apply alien working permit directly as class A. Currently, the American, Taylor Paul lorick, who are the first session graduates of New York University in Shanghai, has got the first foreignstudents bachelor degree working permit in China.

According to information, dozens of qualified foreign graduates fromnon-shanghai area colleges and universities are now preparing to work in Shanghai and apply for alien working permits.   At the end of 2016, NINA who graduated from Zhejiang University with a law major master degree and learnt Chinese language in France.   Because of its excellent performance during the period of school, and its good knowledge of French and Chinese law,is proposed to be hired as a compliance audit of a logistics co., LTD., and the company apply for its alien work permit in China.

The measure extends the range of foreign graduates directly to work in Shanghai and to keep up with the trend of internationalization of world talent flow.   There are more and more outstanding foreign students enjoy the preferential policy, further boost Shanghai into a place of blending international first-class innovative entrepreneurial talent, training, career development and value realization.

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