Good News! China Grants Foreign Graduates Residence Visa

Issuing time:2017-07-10 22:06

A lot of international students want to stay in China after graduating from Chinese universities, but the two-yearwork experience requirement makes getting a working visa challenging.

Good news, a new visa policy has been released by the Chinese government, offering foreign graduates who have a business plan, a 2-year residence visa in China, it makes staying in China after graduation easier!

China is encouraging foreign graduates to stay

Muhammad, from Pakistan,is looking forward to graduating with a Ph.D. from aChinese university in 2017.

Encouraged by the new visaprogram, he started up his business, operating a website, which mainlycovers the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Also, it is a major project of theBelt & Road initiative.

Muhammad is optimistic about the future of China. The Belt & Road initiative and thevisa policies keep more foreign talents in China and link China'spower to the rest of the world.

Who can apply for it?

If you are a fresh graduate from a Chinese (including HK and Macao) university and you have a business plan inGuangzhou, then you can apply for this new residence visa! Only 7 workdays are neededfor the application.

What documents are needed?
  • Visa/Stay Permit/Residence Permit Application Form;

  • A valid passport or other valid international travel documents;

  • A visa photograph for foreigners in Guangzhou and its receipt;

  • Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors;

  • Diploma certificate ofChinese university, including HK and Macao college;

  • Related supporting documentsof your business plan;

  • If you exit and enter China with another type of visa, you are required to submithealth certificate from Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau or from thelocal medical department (above the county level).

  • Other documents required by public security.

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