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Engineering Internship


China is considered an engineering giant, whether it's in the field of mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil, structural or automotive. The recent growth in China's economy can be easily attributed to its rendering of world-class engineering services that are not only rendered within China itself, but also contributed to bilateral international engineering projects that are carried out in the fields of construction and infrastructure development in collaboration with other countries, which is speed up by the recent belt-and-road initiative.   

Firms in China are largely focused on engineering tasks like research and development, analysis, structural design, manufacturing and implementation etc. Depending on the majored area and language spoken, an engineering intern would be able gain exposure to various technical subjects and skills sets such as: technical information sourcing and consolidation, problem solving, communication, innovation and training. China welcomes engineering talents of all disciplines. Gaining skills through an engineering internship will likely lead you to the success in other aspects of business as well and help accelerate your career in the most competitive fields in China. Working and improving with Chinese engineers will also give you the most valuable professional assets in career.   

The following internships are solid offerings and you can apply now:

Engineering Internship JD
Manufacturing Engineer
Electric Engineer
Chemical Engineer

Founded by renowned race driver and automotive icon, the host is a manufacturer of high-end lifestyle performance vehicles, accessories and apparel and technical performance parts. It designs, engineers, tests, certifies, manufactures and assembles all of its own products and vehicles.


  • Support manufacturing line design and launch – bid package development, design reviews, fabrication, acceptance testing, construction, installation, commissioning and handover to operations;

  • Create process plans, bid packages, and project specifications;

  • Support sourcing activities including identification of potential suppliers and technical evaluations of quotations;

  • Provide technical support for the assessment of different manufacturing scenarios;

  • Coordinate activities between internal groups involved in new technologies, new processes and new toolsets and alternative work practices.

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • Bachelor's Degree studies or earned in Mechanical, Manufacturing, Industrial, or Chemical Engineering;

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite of programs;

  • Good communication skills; proficient in 3D CAD and Simulation tools (CATIA, Delmia, and Witness or similar such as TC, Process Designer, Process Simulate considered an advantage) a plus;

  • Knowledge of all four manufacturing engineering categories is prefered.

The host operates in various industries including electrical, high-tech, energy, mining, transportation and environmental engineering. It is a group integrating project investment, brand operation and industry operation. The Group currently has more than 20K employees, 70 more subsidiaries and over 1,000 cooperative companies and is reckoned among China's top 500 enterprises in terms of comprehensive strength and holds a leading position among China's top 500 private enterprises.


Be responsible for project engineering, technical support and cost reduction.

  1. Electrical engineering - schematic diagram/Z-plan/terminal diagram/wiring list/LV browser BOM - drawing preparation for approval and production release;

  2. Improve engineering quality and reliability - ensure on-time delivery and shortened processing time;

  3. Design to cost - optimizing engineering solution - cost saving

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • Degree studied or earned in engineering related fields knowledge of power distribution system or power system protection a plus;

  • Customer service oriented manner; understand project management process;

  • Fluent in English with good technical vocabulary.

The host is a diversified group focusing on chemical energy services with three core businesses unit: Engineering Services, Offshore & Marine Engineering and New Chemical Material. The Group has established presence in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America, South America, Europe and other regions. The business covers the storage and utilization of primary energy including coal, oil and natural gas, onshore energy engineering services, marine engineering equipment fabrication and downstream new chemical materials development.


  1. Analyze the industrial processes at potential clients, pre-define the technical solution for waste treatment;

  2. Preparation of heat and mass balances;

  3. PFD (Process Flow Diagram) and P&ID drawing;

  4. OPEX (operational costs) calculations;

  5. Coordinating with Engineering department headquarter, conduct project design and technical proposal preparation.

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • Proactive, team working spirits with good communication skills;

  • Degree in Chemical engineering; studies of Chemical Engineering specialized in waste incineration a plus;

  • Experience in gas / waste incineration a plus.

Contact Past Interns

Contact Past Interns


Masha from US have attended this internship. Make contact for any advice from budgeting tips to housing insights on their experience in Shanghai.

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Job title:
Engineering Intern / Technical Information Intern
Industry Setting
Manufacturing / Auto & Automation / Civil / Chemical
Shanghai / Beijing / Hangzhou
Min 3 Months
Mostly paid
Closing date
Regularly Offered

China Standard Time - CST
China Office Contact

5th Fl, No.888, South Shaanxi Road

Shanghai China, 200031

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