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Business & Operations Internship


Since China joined WTO, the economy has continuously seen double-digit growth. Although slowing down in recent years, China has still been one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, with real annual gross domestic product (GDP) growth averaging 9.5% through 2018, a pace described by the World Bank as “the fastest sustained expansion by a major economy in history.” China has become the world’s largest economy (on a purchasing power parity basis), manufacturer, merchandise trader, and holder of foreign exchange reserves, and has been No.1 commercial partner of major economics in the world.

As the number of firms doing business and trade is growing at a rapid pace on daily base, experiencing and understanding business and key operation units in both Chinese and a global context is essential for your career success. Business internships that are available across different industries as well as functional units offers the best way to expand your horizons and gain valuable insights of how business is operated in China. Our business internships are tailored to your prior experience, education and major study and your future career goals.

As a business intern, your responsibilities could be developing client relations, handling an business account, dealing with trading and logistics or important legal matters for the company's success in global trading and market penetration. Business is one of our biggest and most demanded internship fields and are offered across various industries.

The Business Internship

You will be interning in a business that has international trading and logistics department. This can be a manufacturer or a trading company. You may also choose to join the local and/or international entrepreneur team to physically work on a business start-up and participated in all aspects of a product and service offering. The host can be a mega brand with thousands of employees or a small but flexible and motivated team in a business incubator building.

Please procees and apply for the following internships:

Business & Operations Internship JD
Sales Admin Intern
Customer Service Coordinator
Legal Intern

The host is committed to providing the market the leading lifting solutions and products as well as extensive supports through its service system. It has been a renowned and respected global organization throughout the world.


  1. Handle engineering & solution matters of projects;

  2. Update projects reports weekly;

  3. Support sales department with regards to the monthly updates of the quality and model of equipment; follow up projects and schedulings;

  4. Sales & business data check and analysis, related R&D data track and follow up;

  5. Assist with other testing jobs in Shanghai.

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • College degree studies or earned in preferably engineering major;

  • Fluency English, both written and spoken;

  • Excellent analytical, communication and people skills.

This internship may also interest engineering students who are seeking the engineering internship.

The host is a trading platform based enterprise providing one-stop, integrated cross-border supply chain services, helping international logistics, traders and e-commerce businesses to streamline their supply chain operation systems.


  1. Receiving customer enquiry information, dealing with customer enquiries and bookings; maintaining good customer relationship;

  2. Follow up with the development of customer relations, achieve maximum turnover rate;

  3. Assist with the handling of customer receivables according to the requirements of company's financial system, avoiding bad debts;

  4. Assist with the risk control of the business operations as per the requirements of the company's management system;

  5. Other tasks that maybe arranged by the superior.

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • College degree studied or earned in trading, logistic or close related fields;

  • Fluent English, understanding of Mandarin a plus;

  • Willing to learn, good communication skills and a teamwork spirit.

Compliance is a critical requirement for every company, but is still emerging and not yet a mature business service field. The host is a company created to help drive the next era of compliance management and push the domain forward through standardization and technology.

Based in Shanghai, and with multiple analysis centers in-country, the company provides local solutions for complex compliance problems facing companies around the globe. With a focus on risks that are specific and unique to China, it provides companies with standardized services and innovative technology to reduce risks, deal with crises, and create a more effective compliance systems.


The intern will support lawyers on a variety of client matters in different practice areas including corporate, commercial, employment, IP etc. The job scope mainly covers:

  • Make inquiries with authorities and business / industres associations;

  • Conduct legal research and draft research summary;

  • Document preparation, translation;

  • Provide other assistance upon request.

Qualifications & Requirements

*   College students studying or pocessing a degree in Law (Graduate / Undergraduate)

*   Fluent both written and spoken English

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Chris from the US and so many others have done this. Contact us if you would like to know more from them about this internship.   

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Business / Logistics / Sales / Legal Intern
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Manufacturing / Trading & Logistics / Legal & Law / Start-Up
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Min 2 months
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