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China's Dedicated Expat Recruiter

Assisting Professionals And College Students
With Their China Plans
What We Do

As a dedicated expat recruiter based in China, we provide international talent sourcing and recruiting service for organizations in China and their overseas subsidiaries or partners. To meet the different needs of various organizations across industries, we also provide internship programs and conduct ongoing research of international exchange on academic, professional and culture experience aspects.

Being the first in its category, Co-Aim is a boutique services provider dedicated to:

  • the recruiting of professionals in host country for Chinese enterprises overseas

  • the recruiting and services of foreign professionals for companies in China

The competitive edge:

  1. Well-connected: partnering with major Chinese brands that are going global and seeking to establish or develop of business operations in host countries

  2. Cross-cultural understanding: solid knowledge of Chinese HR process and talent selection philosophy, along with multi-cultural cognizance in an international context

  3. Professional: be objective and accurate, respectful and confidential, our services deliver satisfaction and success for both the candidates and the employers.

Our Aspiration: Talents Can change The World and China Needs Internatioal Talents

Talents are the key to unleashing business potential, international talents are one of the most important motives for fostering innovation. This is what we believe and where our aspiration is. For years, we have passionately working with industries to find them build a team of ’Vital Few‘ and we have been proud of our success.

During the past 9 years:

  • We endeavor to facilitate the mutual understading of Chinese and people from other countries and culture backgrounds, assisting international talents with their roles they chose and getting the recognitions and opportunities they deserve;

  • We uphold the principle of 'dedicated and integrated services', building our brand image as an active, 'buddy-friend' professional;

  • Through a number of successful cases, we established our business process as 'internship - employment - migration' model for anyone who is seeking long term stay in China;

  • On hot topics concerning the international talents developments in China, we have had our views and voices heard;

  • We cooperate with a number of on-shore and off-shore universities to explore further potentials in the context of China economy development;

  • We work closely with industries of all kinds and sizes and created, promoted and been recognised of our high services standards and quality.

We achieve the above based on the following methodologies:

  • One-on-One Service Planning: this is to conduct individual case analysis with forward-looking and context view aiming on the talent's career path and expectations in China;

  • The Integration of Multiple Methods: focusing on the career path and development, besides the tailored consulting services, there are 'case studies of best practice', 'theme training', 'workshop' and 'resource sharing', all of which help expand of one's professional outlook and business network;

  • Multiple Resources: along the way, apart from our team of experts, you will have access to the resources of our platform incuding HR professionals, cross-culture management experts and institutions.

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