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Internship Services

Our services for the Professional Internship Program includes the following:

Internship Provision and Professional Assistances

This is the essential part and is also what we are good at. We not only match you with a position in your desired field but also actively involved in the on-site management. This means whenever there are issues during your internship at your host company, we will coordinate in between to ensure the effective communication and the professional outcome for your internship is achieved, so that your internship experience is truly productive. This is probably where our outstanding advantage is as all our internship coordinators are former HR managers at various organizations.

Logistics, Supports and Activities

These include all the assistances you may need for interning and and living in China including:

  • Pre-Departure and Visa Assistance: We will provide you with all documentation needed for you to apply for a correct type of visa to undertake an internship in China. If you would be qualified for a Chinese Work Permit and you intend to source employment in China, we will advise you what documents you should deal with before you leave your country. We are also available to provide you full and immediate advice regarding living and working in China;

  • Airport Pick Up & Welcome Pack: We will meet you at the airport and take you to your accommodation. You will also receive a welcome pack containing guides, emergency contact card, map, SIM card and transportation card both charged with initial credits that last for quite some time;

  • Orientation: We will give you a comprehensive orientation to China and provide you important information. There will also be a welcome meal or lunch.

  • Language Tutoring: Depending on your needs, internship location and schedule, we choose an ideal school and book Mandarin training classes for you;

  • Social & Cultural Activities: Included in your program fee is a monthly event that you can attend. We arrange regular activities for you to join business communities or to socialize with other participants and experience Chinese culture;
Business & networking events: The networking scene in China is not only thriving but is an essential skill to do business in China. We will keep you informed of events that may be of interest to you;

  • Travel Options: We will tour you in the city of your internship. We also encourage you to do traveling during your stay to experience this wonderful country

  • Internship Reference Letter: The host company will issue a reference letter stating the nature, duration, evaluation and your contributions to the company during the internship. We will also serve as a professional referee whenever needed;

  • Emergency Contact and Support: Our experienced international and local staffs are dedicated to providing invaluable 24/7 onshore supports throughout the duration of the program.

Accommodation / Housing

Renting an apartment in China can certainly be a stressful project for an average person, and even more so if you don’t speak any Mandarin Chinese. We will act on be half of you to make sure you find a suitable location and help with understanding the rental contract, you shouldn’t have too many problems.

Expats should also note that they're required by law to register their address at the local Public Service Bureau (PSB) within 24 hours of entering China.

Gerneral Fee Information (2019-2020)

(See inclusions & exclusions and enrollment options here)



Fee in USD

Internship Application Fee


Only Placement Service (See what's included)


All Inclusive Option (See what's included) - First Month


All Inclusive Option - Each Additional Month


Please note:

  • The fee does not apply to Hospitality Internship Program, hospitality students please also visit the service page for fee information;

  • The application fee is paid upfront to secure a placement for you (Why?) and is conditionaly refundable. All other fees are non-refundable unless agreed under special circumstances, please refer to our Terms and Conditions;

  • We accept multiple payment methods including pay online, onshore cash pay and bank transfer - see details here.

  • See How it Works here

Application Basics
  • Internship activity is regarded as part of university study and the 'Internship Visa' only exists for currently enrolled college students. (See Exemptions);

  • A typical internship placement takes 2-4 weeks to secure for currently offered positions but you are advised to apply at lease two months ahead;

  • Please see 'How it Works' to get started and FAQs for more info.

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