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We are Proud About Our China Expertise!
Finding an internship in China is not as easy as that in other countries. The internship administration can be challenging due to particular legal, language, culture and business contexts. From the HR point of view, there are different procedures for visa, allowance paying and mentoring resources. Internship in China is in fact a serious, professional and mindful project from the very first point of your application till the end. Experience tells our professional and active involvement in both on-site and off-site management are the key to a successful internship. We strongly recommend you to follow below processes and we will work with you to ensure your positive experience.
Before You Apply
Be a current undergraduate or postgraduate student at a university in home country or in China; (see exemptions)
- In most cases, your studied major should be related to the position you are applying for;
- Be able to speak English; speaking of a second major language is a plus; some internship fields may require Chinese proficiency;
- A reasonable budget is needed as your internship is by nature an unpaid experience, although many are paid internships.

A complete curriculum vitae and an application letter indicating your choices of internship field and the goal for your internship are the keys for the position matching, and for the HR to generate administration papers necessary for filing for your internship visa application. Your complete information enables us to efficiently communicate with potential hosts and timely conduct internship matchings. You can register your interests here. Rest assured your personal information is safe with us.
You will be contacted within 2 working days after we receive your information. Our team consists of career advisors and former HR managers and will provide you with an all-round consultation based on your background. From this point, you will know you have someone helping you and become your 'buddy' friend from your application through to the future. You can ask whatever questions and share your thoughts and concerns on your internship, life and future plan in China.
Internship Provision
A video conference meeting will be scheduled with you to discuss your choices of internship fields and the job functions you maybe interested. We will gain understanding of your goals as well as your other expectations with regards to life, culture and future career in China. You will be able to learn the internship application and administration procedures in China. We will spend a great time talking about the available options and even previous cases.
In most cases we guarantee placements. You would want to start considering other aspects of internship such as your needs on housing, insurance plan and learning the Chinese language etc which you can always discuss with us and we will help you.
If you are ready for the the challenges and excitements in a new country and decide to have us to be your service provider for your internship and your assistance in China , and you have read and accepted our Professional Internship Terms and Conditions”, you need to pay an Application Fee so that an internship position is therefore reserved for you. The Terms and Conditions serves as a professional contract between us to ensure a successful internship as well as our  future commitment to you if you have long term plan in China or region.
Position Matching & Host Interviews
Careful analysis and  'forward-looking' considerations will be made to decide the best matched internship and possible future career plan. This will involve our expert consultants and HR managers at hosts
Depending on the hiring processes at host, you may go through one or two interviews by either the HR or your supervisor or both. Our consultants will call you prior to the interview to provide you with additional information of the position. The interview will be anything from 15 min to an hour when you will gain understandings on the company and the position and ask own questions.
2-3 choices will be provided and interviews are lined up. Note that some positions in specific fields may require portfolios or art works. In most cases, the best matching is the first choice;
You can expect feedbacks from host within 2-5 working days and we will stay in touch. If positive outcome, congratulations! You have taken the first and the most important step of your journey and you are about to receive a written offer. No need to be frustrated if the interview is not successful as there maybe new surprises ahead. We will explore new possibilities and conduct new matchings. Average time taken for matching process ranges from a few days to 2-3 weeks from application.

Once you receive the written offer signed by your host, you need to pay the program fee to us. This is to ensure we arrange the logistics such as the airport pick-up and booking of the housing timely.  The next step is for us to prepare you for your departure, See you in China!

Visa Info
You would be overwhelmed by visa information from many sources. You can count on us providing first hand and reliable visa /case specific info to you. Also, there are some documents that you need to bring with you for the visa application which we will advise in details.
Once your flight is booked, please let us know and we will arrange airport pick-up. We will advise you 'What to expect at airport' beforehand. You are suggested to arrive a few days before on-boarding so we have time to familiarize you with your living area, register at local PSB station and help you settle down. An orientation will be given to you either on your first day at host or a time jointly decided by us.
Maybe you are curious and eager to learn the language spoken at this oriental country. We will help find a best language tutor located close to your internship site or home. We will not charge any fee on this but simply connect you with different options and help you choose from. We normally do not recommend to enroll any language class before your internship schedule and location is confirmed.
While your host is expecting you, you may already want to do some research on the company or the industry to prepare yourself and settle in the role easier and sooner. We have sample mentor projects that we can share with you to assist with your on-boarding.

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