Not sure what kind of job suits you or what your next move should be?No idea where to start or go next with your visa?
Confused or frustrated with local business culture?
Career Solution

Career Solution

Career Planning in China Context

China career path

Looking for jobs in China comes with a unique set of challenges. As an experienced expatriate recruiter, we are confident to provide you advice and tools you can use to make your job hunting process easier. If you are in college or new to the job market, our career solution will give you the competitive edge in launching your career. Our team consists of HR professionals and career coaching experts and you can count on us to:

  • Evaluate your career path, identify your ideal job or a new career, create an actionable strategy to move into the job;

  • If you are thinking for a career change or in a career transition & search, we will assist you with an end-to-end strategy to get you there with confidence, define your plan and be with you at every stage of the journey;

  • Prepare for interviews and negotiations in Chinese culture context;

  • Gain the confidence you deserve to achieve your career goals.

Job Matching

Job Matching

Placement with a Meaningful and Professional Job

China job matching

We know how and in what role your skills and expertise may be realised in a maximised way and your potential fully released. Through an one-on-one consulting approach, we aim to bring you better understandings of expatriate employments and share with you cases and experiences, reducing your reliance on job posts and referrals, making your career expectation more predictable. We have very positive job placement experience especially on non-specialist roles at a pre-managerial level of positions.

By understanding your career goals, we will discuss in details with you on topics including the industry, position, your salary expectation, flexible benefits, growth and corporate culture and help you prepare with interviews. We beleive job matching is a science and needs more tactic in China context. So the process can go deeper (than conventional job hunting and matching methods) and help you understand why an expatriate job exists and who is/ should be hired.

The Chinese Working visa:

The Chinese Working visa:

Work Permit, Residence Permit and Documentation

Chinese work permit sample

The process of work permit and working visa application in China has been cumbersome for a long time. Foreigners often have misinterpretations or are misled on policies and even public infomation. There are also many reviews and analysis on various medias that are not always giving accurate information and a full picture.

We are not a commercial visa agency and we only do visa assessment for our registered candidates. Differently enough though, we may do this even before the position is matched, helping potential candidates understand the process and conduct basic visa & work permit evaluation and suggest a possible solution. Whether it is an overseas or a on-shore application, an initial / new application or a transfer of employment, we will make sure candidates are aware of his/her own conditions and prepare for the best and fastest way for the application.

We are doing this for free for anyone who is placed by us.

Cross-Culture Coaching

Cross-Culture Coaching

Facing the challenge, taking the advantage

Chinese business culture

Whether you are assigned or make your own decision to come and work in China, the distinct culture and unique social and business etiquette and traditions could be, at the initial stage of your relocation, a challenging and stressful experience. Failure to adapt to a new set of cultural rules and behaviors can cause frustration and misunderstanding. Understanding Chinese business culture and way of life is paramount for any professional embarking on an experience of living and working in China.

Through seminars, forums and sharings, we provide you practical information and advice on the various aspects of living and working in China, as well as conveying an understanding of the underlying elements that shape Chinese culture inside and outside the workplace. So you will have an insight to China and its historical, social and economic development and be aware of any possible culture and country “shock” ---- and ways of surviving it.

Expatriate employees have unique competitive advantage in China. When you are able to face the culture challenge, you will be able to nurture it and eventually take advantage of it.

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